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Hey Fishers,

Welcome to A Perfect Fish Blog.  Seems everyone is blogging about one thing or other. I won’t bombard you with posts on every fish I catch or (all of) my opinions on fishing.

The point of this blog is to share with you what’s going on at A Perfect Fish, which is writing about fly fishing, creating images which capture the spirit and culture of what we do–the visceral nature of  fishing, to be consumed by the hunt, the thrill of the “eat”,  of the hook up, fight and finally to lay hands on a cold blooded quivering work of art.   Then let it go (OK, I like to kill fish and eat them on occasion).

I’m mainly a fly fisherman, but I didn’t start that way, so I don’t judge how you choose to fish (unless you’re a prick).  I fish because it’s fun.  It’s an obsession for some, merely a pastime for others.  I fall into the obsessed category (that’s what my wife tells our marriage counselor).

So, I created the A Perfect Fish store mainly for myself because I couldn’t find fishing shirts (and other stuff like hats & stickers) I liked.  Then people started buying it.  Go figure.

Mainly, we are relegated to established apparel brands.  Make no mistake, they all make superb technical stuff and some even have cool t-shirts. But “après-fish” t-shirts aren’t really their business.

Problem is it’s all sorta traditional, cookie cutter old guard fly fishing garb that everyone is wearing. Simply, it’s boring.

Going forward, what you’ll see and read here is an effort to go in a slightly different direction. You’ll see what I’m working on:  What inspires me, the art I create, and finally putting it on clothes so you can wear it. Not everything will be great. And you definitely won’t agree with everything I say.

The mantra is:  It’s all about the fish.




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